February 12, 2014

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September 28, 2013
How Breaking Bad ends (spoiler alert)

Ext. New Mexico desert

Walter White begins singing:

Remember my name, FAME! I’m gonna live forever! I’m gonna learn how to fly, HIGH! I feel it coming together, people will see me and cry, FAME! I’m gonna make it to heaven. Light up the sky like a flame, FAME! I’m gonna live forever. Baby remember my name. Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember.
[fades to black]
Baby remember my name.


April 18, 2013

If I was a boss, I would spend exorbitant amounts of time discussing how and when I will allow my employees to chew their gum or eat chips, appropriate times to talk to oneself and expectations of singing and humming aloud volume, tone, and song choice.

March 25, 2013


Chambaland - “Independent Bitches” (Destiny’s Child vs. Meredith Brooks)

Gross Monday in NYC. For everyone up, out, and working.

This is where I am right now

November 4, 2012

So, daylight savings time is the worst. Now, I don’t always think that. There are eight precious hours where I feel quite the opposite. But as soon as the sun sets on that first day in the mid-afternoon, I sour at the idea of once a year being able to sleep for an extra hour. That cost-benefit ratio is way out of proportion.

There is so much to despise about daylight savings time. For example, did you know that the first person who proposed daylight savings time was a New Zealander who collected bugs as a hobby and he just wanted to have more time after work to collect bugs? Now I know some things, and I know that as a rule, people who collect bugs for shits and gigs are not the most logical in creating something that will affect millions of people for hundreds of years. Also, I know that not many progressive, innovative ideas have come out of New Zealand.

Also, after analyzing extensive research from Wikipedia, I discovered that most of the developing world had once practiced daylight savings time, but in modern times had decided that it was stupid and archaic, so they stopped turning their clocks back and forth bi-annually. On this subject, the second and third world have the first world beat.

With Election Day just around the corner, make sure you edify yourself on each candidate’s stance on daylight savings time.

May 24, 2012

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March 27, 2012

better than good.

Radio Rip. Premiered on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic


March 11, 2012

If I’m being completely honest, I think I would be totally fine watching a movie that has no plot and includes exclusively these scenes edited together in a haphazard fashion:

1. Tasteful makeover montage

2. Karaoke singing and dancing

3. Bloopers

4. Good music

5. A cast including any/all of the following being best friends and living life: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph

March 7, 2012
WWW: Hello Blue Ivy

February 20, 2012

Making my Monday better by the minute-Elle Me Dit. A happy song with a crazy video.

February 19, 2012

I always get so disgusted with the American public when they are allowed to vote for anything.  The People’s Choice Awards are the worst thing in the world and for the past four years have revolved solely around the cast of Twilight.  I was just torn up about what was the saddest farewell this season: Steve Carell leaving The Office or Oprah leaving her talk show.  I was appalled to see that those two were not even the top choices! Shame on you, America! I do have to say that America does have it right in one area: The Kardashians.  That is quality entertainment right there.  Everything else America chooses is abysmal.

February 14, 2012

the best

February 8, 2012
WWW: Children with Swag

February 1, 2012
WWW: Help Me Sell More Books Than Justin Bieber

I don’t really understand the full story of this, but I do know that Justin Bieber’s face as a baked bean is something that I enjoy.

January 25, 2012
WWW: Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson

"The Fight" is one of my all time favorite episodes from one of my all time favorite shows, and this is one of the best moments of that show that anyone can watch for eternity now